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Business Challenges

Today’s automotive industry must deliver high levels of innovation and flexibility in shorter cycles, at the lowest cost and the highest quality. Software represents both significant opportunity for innovation as well as increased complexity and risk. PTC Integrity reduces the overwhelming complexity of developing software intensive products, improves productivity and quality, streamlines compliance, and provides complete visibility throughout the product development life cycle. Automotive engineering organizations using PTC Integrity have the capabilities they need to accelerate innovation, improve supply chain collaboration, diversify product offerings  and move products to market faster and more efficiently.

Triple V diagram

Due to our proven success, industry experience and technically superior solutions, leading global enterprises in the automotive engineering industry continue to make PTC a trusted partner in solving their most complex and critical software development challenges:

  • Automotive engineering companies are targeting software for 90% of product changes. Depending on the nature and technology of the system, the volume and velocity of engineering change driven from software is 10 to 100 times greater than from hardware, and traditional tools and integrations hinder communication and collaboration, driving up costs and increasing the time required to move products into the market
  • Compliance to safety and environmental regulations and standards such as Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262 improves product and process quality, but can significantly drive up costs and impact time-to-market without effective management and a high degree of automation
  • Understanding release readiness across the isolated groups and systems in today's global automotive development ecosystem is time consuming and error prone and risks making key decisions on data that is out-of-date and incomplete. This reduces productivity and can affect product quality
  • Consumer and regulatory pressure to develop higher quality and more sophisticated products is pushing development costs and time-to-market to unsustainable levels


The PTC solution for Automotive engineering companies:

  • Connects engineers and designers across engineering disciplines, OEMs and suppliers, removing the barriers to collaboration and innovation across the total development ecosystem
  • Provides real-time visibility into release readiness (of features, software components and systems), enabling management to make the right decisions at the right time and ensuring product quality
  • Simplifies compliance and improves product and process quality with process-controlled development and full traceability and a single source of truth across process domains and engineering disciplines


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