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Revealing the Secret of Requirements Reuse

Reuse, the Holy Grail for Application Development, is finally becoming a core ideal for Requirements Management!

  • What if you could cut your time to market by starting with proven requirements that are NOT rewritten for each application?
  • What if half of your project requirements were proven by other projects and could easily be reused? What value would that create?

Join MKS partner ProcessExchange for a look at how organizations are implementing requirements reuse today, and how you can champion a reuse strategy in your own organization!

We'll look at how organizations that reuse requirements reduce application delivery time, deliver applications that use proven components, and eliminate rework. You will gain an understanding of how reuse principles can be translated into actionable process, and identify what kinds of projects are best suited for reuse.

After viewing this webinar, you'll know the secret!

About the Speakers:

Jeff Cohen

Jeff founded ProcessExchange in 2003 and is CEO of the company. His team is focused on client needs in the Application Development sector. As such greater investments have been made in helping clients implement requirements management and reuse processes. His background includes over 20 years of sales and management positions with IBM, WebGAIN (a BEA startup), TogetherSoft and Borland. Under his leadership PE has accumulated years of experience helping clients improve requirements management, change and configuration management and development activities.

Maya Agaskar

Maya is an expert in Requirements Development, Requirements Management and Requirements Reuse. Her 12+ years of experience in this area enable her clients to derive maximum value from their requirements practices and better their solution delivery processes.

Maya's clients include several Fortune 100 and mid-market companies in industries including Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Software Development, and Supply Chain Management.

NOTE: By registering for this webinar you, the registrant, hereby consent to MKS providing to ProcessExchange, its partner and co-sponsor of this webinar, your name, job title, the name of the organization you are employed by, and your work e-mail and work mailing address. ProcessExchange has indicated to MKS that it will use such personal information solely to contact you to advise you of the services offered by them. However, MKS is not responsible for the privacy practices of such partner.


If you have any questions or problems accessing this recording, please contact Caterina McLean at cmclean@ptc.com.


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