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Meeting Your Customer’s Deadlines Using Integrity to Manage Your Requirements

Scope creep, changing requirements, unexpected resourcing issues, are all things that can and do go wrong with projects and lead to costly delays and missed deadlines, ultimately resulting in poor customer satisfaction and lost revenue. This webinar will focus on the area of requirements and how to hit your customer and time to market deadlines through better management and collaboration throughout the requirements lifecycle.

Fostering collaboration between marketing users and customers driving product needs, the business users crafting requirements, and the developers and testers actualizing requirements, Integrity, a PTC product, (formerly MKS Integrity) keeps all stakeholders informed of changes to requirements throughout the project process. Easily asses and address the impact of changes before they are implemented (across projects and product lines) to reduce project risk. With complete traceability between customer requests and downstream requirements, tests and defects, you'll gain real-time status for decision-making plus continuous feedback and expectation leveling between the project team and customer stakeholders. In addition, strategically capture and plan for the addition of new product features needed by your customers in the future to respond to the changing marketplace.

Attend this Webinar and learn how Integrity can enable you to better manage your products and your end customers' needs.

If you have any questions or problems accessing this recording, please contact Caterina McLean at cmclean@ptc.com.


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