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Innovation in a New Economy - The Business Imperative for Intelligent ALM

Software is strategic. Whether running a device or running a business, software is rapidly increasing in both volume and complexity. Compounding this complexity is an accelerating compliance burden, driven by the demands of regulation and corporate governance.

Despite the risk, software represents an unparalleled opportunity for innovation and growth. In order to exploit this opportunity while mitigating risk, organizations need a smarter way to develop software. The answer is a coherent application lifecycle management (ALM) platform that offers complete competence across all of the core ALM disciplines and easily adapts to the unique needs of each organization.

View this Webinar and discover how Intelligent ALMâ„¢ helps organizations derive greater value from software development through improvements in productivity, quality, auditability, predictability and agility across the lifecycle.

**This is a must-see Webinar for application development professionals that are investigating or evaluating solutions for ALM or any of the core ALM disciplines (requirements management, test management, software change and configuration management).

Innovation_in_New_Economy_Jan13pm.wmv — Windows Media video, 28683Kb
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