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MKS Integrity Rescues CaliberRM Refugees

Online Event

With the MicroFocus purchase of Borland last year, it has left many CaliberRM customers with legitimate questions of the future viability of this tool. CaliberRM has remained relatively stagnant for several years and MicroFocus has given customers no signs of relief. In fact, many dismayed customers have opted not to renew their CaliberRM licensing. As these product development companies search for a superior solution to their requirements challenges, one platform has been consistently been heralded as best in class - MKS Integrity.

This webinar, hosted by Strategic Solutions Manager Matt Klassen, will explore several critical areas of functionality including:

- Requirements sharing and reuse across product variants
- Advanced traceability
- Interactive document viewing and editing
- Real-time metrics and visibility on a relational database platform
- Graphical workflow automation and enforcement

Matt Klassen has been consulting with customers to improve requirements definition and management practices for over 10 years for Rational/IBM, Borland and MKS. During his time with Borland, Matt was the director of product strategy and product marketing for CaliberRM in the 2005 timeframe.Matt brings many insights into managing requirements, specifically from working with many engineering and product companies that are managing ever increasing volume of complex product features and requirements across product lines and variants.


* On May 27, at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of 10:30 AM PDT/1:30PM EDT, direct your browser to: https://mks.webex.com/mks/onstage/g.php?d=358134433&t=a
* Enter your name, email address and the password. The password is change.


Audio for this event will be streaming. Please ensure you have a working headset or speakers for your computer available.


Please contact Julie Vaishnav at jvaishnav@mks.com.

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