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What is ALM? The Value of Application Lifecycle Management Defined

Despite being introduced to the market several years ago, the concept of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is still causing much confusion. Some define ALM narrowly such as managing requirements or testing while others use the term in conjunction with managing development using a specific methodology such as Agile. Analysts don't even agree on exactly what ALM is; Gartner suggests there is significant value in an ALM solution and Forrester coined the term ALM 2.0.

This webinar will dispel the myths and clearly define a proven ALM framework. We will then look at how application lifecycle management is solving some of the most complex challenges facing engineering and IT organizations today, from decreasing time to market to improving software quality and costs to supporting an Agile transformation or managing product line development. For organizations where software is critical, ALM is imperative to meeting business goals.

Timezone: GMT
Nov 10, 2010 03:00 PM
Nov 10, 2010 04:00 PM
Presented by : Matt Klassen, Strategic Solutions Manager, MKS
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