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A Practical Approach to Agile in the Enterprise

Organizations in the early stages of Agile adoption, have many considerations. These considerations are magnified when Agile is being implemented on a project or group of projects within an enterprise environment and/or where there are regulatory compliance demands to be met.  Implementing Agile practices within large enterprise environments involves more than just scaling the number of people working on the project. Enterprise environments introduce a number of different scalability issues: team size, distributed sites, compliance requirements, domain or product complexity, technological complexity and organizational distribution, to name but a few.

Join Certified Scrum Master Harsh Sabikhi for this informative Webinar when he’ll describe a practical approach to implementing Agile in an enterprise environment, and the role that ALM can play in supporting and scaling the effort. Most enterprises will require a solution that can effectively support traditional processes as well as the new Agile processes, easing the transition between the two. See how MKS Integrity is uniquely suited to address the challenges of enterprise Agile development.

Timezone: BST
Jul 07, 2010 03:00 PM
Presented by : Harsh Sabikhi
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