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EETimes - Designing Intelligence into the Car

Online Event

EETimes presents an Automotive Panel Discussion on today’s modern automobile and how the industry must deliver high levels of innovation and flexibility in shorter cycles, at the lower cost and higher quality.  Software holds the key to innovation but not without complexity and risk.

The modern automobile is an electronics and software intensive product—and can have more lines of software code than the latest aircraft.

Today's cars contain embedded microprocessor-enabled systems that monitor sensors and control actuation necessary for engine fuel economy and emissions control, active safety, braking and handling, and infotainment, including navigation and integration of consumer devices.

Besides such on-board electronic systems, engineers are developing technologies to enable vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to infrastructure communications, and even connections for vehicle "health" monitoring and maintenance/recall notifications.

In this webinar, our panelists will discuss:

  • The technical challenges, and how they are overcome
  • Current systems and future trends
  • Tools to facilitate complex software development—ensuring quality and reliability across a multi-organization collaborative process

To register for this event, click here.

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