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What Do IBM i Developers Want Out of Their ALM Software?

This white paper from MKS will look at frequent activities of a developer and how many of these activities can be faster and more accurate by using the ALM software, MKS Integrity for IBM i. These common activities of a software developer include:


  • Fielding questions from users
  • Reviewing assignments
  • Host-based development
  • RDI-based development
  • Checking in work
  • Closing the loop with users
  • Rolling back a change


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) refers to the discipline of managing software changes from concept to delivery. Poorly developed or implemented, these tools can be a developer’s nightmare. Properly built and implemented these tools can make developers even more productive and leave them to do what they do best; build applications for their users or customers. This white paper will focus on the developer experience and explain how MKS Integrity for IBM i can simplify many common development activities.

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