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Requirements Management - Real Reuse for Requirements

Real Reuse

Requirements Management is an integral part of developing successful software products.

During the lifecycle of a development project, changes may occur that have a potential impact on other aspects of the project.  Business climates change, priorities shift and environments evolve; these fluctuations are felt throughout the application lifecycle.

Organizations which reuse requirements:

  •         reduce application delivery time

  •         deliver applications that use proven components

  •         eliminate rework

When separate tools are used for requirements management and development, data does not flow smoothly between the analysts who generate the requirements and the developers who build the end product.  Therefore, to remain competitive,  it is critical for organizations to have a robust requirements management solution in order to deliver smarter, more innovative products on time and within budget.

Integrity is the leading solution thousands of engineers suppliers rely on every day to drive software innovation in their programs and products using requirements reuse.

Highlights discussed in this white paper include:

  •         the elements that make up a requirement and establishes common understanding of how requirements evolve
  •         how organizations can reuse requirements to speed product innovation, reduce complexity and control costs


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