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Bring Goal Question Metric (GQM) To Life with MKS Portfolios

In a recent survey of over 7,000 respondents by the IT Governance Institute, 40% of IT leaders admit to having serious problems with IT failures and poor visibility into performance.

IT must do a better job of measuring application development and software engineering effectiveness, however, the specific measurement approach and the means and process of measurement remain a sticking point for some organizations. One approach that is steadily gaining industry acceptance is the Goal Question Metrics (GQM) methodology. GQM is a pragmatic approach geared towards identifying metrics that line up to the strategic objectives of the business and tracking and monitoring these metrics over time.

This paper will show how GQM, in combination with a process-centric enterprise solution for complete IT and application lifecycle management, can help organizations achieve the visibility necessary to effectively make decisions and govern their business.

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