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Ovum Technology Research Report: Software Lifecycle Management 2011/2012

There is a huge misconception that ALM is a product not a process. In practice, ALM has been associated with tooling suites aimed at managing the tasks of this lifecycle, but ALM vendors have rarely delivered on the promise of integrating the management of the full application lifecycle. 

ALM integration has been a perennial problem in the industry. On the one hand, customers generally do not rip out their favorite point solutions and replace them with a single suite from one vendor. Even where the ALM part is replaced with a single suite, there are often other tools to integrate with, such as in systems engineering where there are activities managed by product lifecycle management (PLM) tools. ALM vendors themselves have integration issues as merger and acquisition activities result in the need to integrate tools internally. Attempts by individual vendors to create an ALM API standard have not succeeded.

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