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The Source September 2010

MKS The Source
Special Edition:

MKS Conquers Complexity and Connects Modeling and Simulation to the Development Lifecycle



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Feature Articles

Announcing the MKS Integrity™ integration with Simulink® and the MATLAB® environment
The complexity and volume of embedded software in today's products leads to time-consuming and resource-intensive manual processes to manage engineering change; this is compounded with modeling and simulation.

MKS is pleased to offer an integrated solution that extends the engineering change management capabilities of MKS Integrity to Simulink and the MATLAB environment from Mathworks. This solution delivers end-to-end engineering lifecycle management with full control and traceability over all assets and activities, including modeling and simulation. This unique solution enables engineers to capture and manage models, simulations, code, data and other assets generated by Mathworks products during modeling. All modeling and simulation assets are configuration-managed, placed under change control, and bi-directionally related to relevant upstream and downstream assets and activities (including requirements, specifications, test cases, source code, etc.). The result is a new level of control over the modeling phase that increases product quality while reducing the cost, risk and time needed to deliver the product.

We invite you to review this special edition of The Source for valuable information on MKS's support for modeling and simulation and the MATLAB environment.


In The News

MKS Integrity Integration with Simulink and the MATLAB Environment
Hosted by Stickyminds.com
"This solution combines MKS Integrity with Simulink and the MATLAB environment for seamless incorporation of modeling and simulation as part of the greater engineering lifecycle. MKS Integrity extends change control, configuration management, and process automation to models, simulations, and other information assets..."

"Steve Partridge is a product manager at MKS. In this interview with the Sticky ToolLook, he speaks about how the application of model simulation early in the application lifecycle can help save your organization trouble (and wasted money) down the road. He also discusses a potential difficulty with modeling in big organizations and offers suggestions for managing it." To see more on the interview with Steve, click here.


Upcoming Webinars

September 15, 2010: Extending the Value of Modeling to the Application Lifecycle - Announcing the MKS Integrity integration with Simulink and the MATLAB environment
Hosted by Steve Partridge, Customer Requirements Manager, MKS Inc.
Attend this Webinar and learn how MKS Integrity now enables Simulink and the MATLAB environment to become an integral part of the overall application lifecycle. This integrated solution extends proven ALM capabilities to address the specific needs of a model-based development process, delivering complete traceability among requirements, test cases, models, and other assets. With this level of traceability, organizations can ensure the accuracy of designs, address design changes in the models (and test cases), ensure successful simulation runs and reduce development cycle times.

September 28, 2010: MATLAB Virtual Conference 2010
Presented by The MathWorks
Time: 11:00AM - 5:00PM EDT
Whether you are new to MathWorks products or an experienced user, the MATLAB Virtual Conference will show you how to get the most out of MATLAB and Simulink. Visit the MKS virtual booth for information and a chance to speak with our product experts about how MKS Integrity integrates with Simulink and the MATLAB environment to make simulation & modeling a seamless part of the overall application lifecycle, leading to better quality, shorter cycles and end-to-end traceability.

For further details click here and you can register for this event.


On-Demand Webinar

Solving the Disconnect: The Value of Connecting Model-based Development to the Development Lifecycle
Co-hosted by The Mathworks and MKS Inc.
This Webinar was the introduction to the MKS Integrity integration with Simulink and the MATLAB environment. Steve Partridge of MKS, and Goran Begic from The MathWorks, discuss how through a seamless integration, MKS's application lifecycle management platform, MKS Integrity, enables The MathWorks' Modeling tool Simulink and the MATLAB environment to become a tightly-coupled part of the application lifecycle. Click here for the webinar recording.


White Paper

Extending the Value of Modeling to the Application Lifecycle
Model-based development and testing are revolutionizing industry sectors like automotive and aerospace, but the models themselves (as well as the modification and testing of those models) are still disconnected from the overall development lifecycles. This disconnection leads to significant amounts of unnecessary rework and time wasted performing root cause analysis when the (inevitable) changes occur.

This paper explains why the only solution to this problem is to make model-based development a part of the overall development process through integration to application lifecycle management (ALM). When all contributors to a product are able to collaborate in a controlled fashion through ALM, it eliminates unnecessary rework, enhances analysis and control of change, ensures that the delivered product is consistent with the latest requirements and promotes enhanced quality at every stage of the lifecycle. Learn how, through a seamless integration, MKS Integrity enables Simulink and the MATLAB environment to become a tightly-coupled part of the application lifecycle. Download your copy now.

For a more in-depth look, download the Modeling and ALM datasheet to learn more about the features and benefits and how the capabilities offered, by the combined solution from MKS and The Mathworks, allows organizations to increase the quality of their products while reducing the amount of time and effort needed to deliver those products.


About MKS

MKS Inc., the global application lifecycle management (ALM) technology leader, enables software engineering and IT organizations to seamlessly manage their worldwide software development activities. With its flagship product, MKS Integrity, MKS offers support for all software development activities through a single enterprise application, resulting in better global collaboration and higher productivity. MKS supports customers worldwide with offices across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about MKS, visit our Web site or our Japanese site.

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