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The Source November 2010

Metrics Matter: Real-time 360° Visibility Improves Project Outcomes
Blog by Doug Akers, Product Management, MKS Inc.

It has been some time since we last took a deep look at metrics and how to measure the various aspects of development. At the time when I wrote "Metrics Matter" the market was very much centered around IT organizations and doing more with less and so the types of numbers being prescribed aligned with cost savings and maximizing productivity as would be expected. We grouped the metrics that were of most interest to CIO's into five categories team efficiency (productivity), process efficiency (predictability), project efficiency (cost/schedule), value and effectiveness (alignment) and quality (uh quality) and today, for the most part, these categories still hold true (although we call them by new names).

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The upcoming functional safety standard for road vehicles ISO 26262 -- succeeding with MKS Integrity
Blog by Christoph Bräuchle, Customer Requirements Manager, MKS

As ISO 26262, the new standard for functional safety in road vehicles, comes closer to the final publication stage (the final draft international standard will be released in December), automotive manufacturers and suppliers must prepare to meet these requirements in development processes, work products and documentation. MKS supports automotive engineering organizations to be compliant while maintaining efficiency and productivity.

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Feature Articles

MKS Integrity and MathWorks
Augment Model Value for Product Engineering

Harmonized change control and configuration management improved product quality and gets complex products to market faster

MKS announced the availability of a solution that integrates the engineering change management capabilities of MKS Integrity™ with MathWorks modeling and simulation environments, MATLAB® and Simulink®.This integration delivers end-to-end engineering lifecycle management with full control and traceability over Requirements, Models, Simulations, Source Code, and Tests.

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WABCO Drives Innovation and Quality with MKS Integrity

MKS announced that WABCO (NYSE: WBC), one of the world's leading suppliers to the commercial vehicle industry, has selected MKS Integrity as their global engineering platform.

With MKS Integrity, WABCO can contain the complexity of embedded software development across multiple product lines to drive both increased innovation and improved competitiveness.

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In the News

MKS Integrity Meets Exact Requirements at Continental AG

Continental Automotive Systems has secured a top position as a reliable partner to all worldwide leaders in automobile manufacturing. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic systems, Continental develops the hardware and software for its tech­nologies largely in its own laboratories.

Continental introduced MKS Integrity and integrated the product with the existing development environ­ment. Change management was then embedded in order to support and auto­mate the process sequences. The already-proven project structures and applica­tion data were migrated to the overall solution upon installation.

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Worldwide Software Development at Hella Corporation

Hella has adopted a Network-Value-Strategy, a concept based on cooperation instead of concentration. Under this strategy, Hella is cooperating with its independent suppliers for select projects in order to globally provide an attractive and innovative alternative compared to the biggest tier 1 suppliers.

MKS Integrity has enabled Hella to become compliant with SPICE Level 3. It is now Hella's internal integration platform, bringing together their complete process environment. This was achieved by the easy conversion of workflows in MKS Integrity Manager, as well as the web browser's ease of use.

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Upcoming Webinars

November 10, 2010
What is ALM?
The Value of Application Lifecycle Management Defined
Hosted by Matt Klassen, Strategic Solutions Manager, MKS Inc.
Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM EDT REGISTER NOW!
Time: 3:00PM - 4:00PM GMT REGISTER NOW!

This webinar will dispel the myths and clearly define a proven ALM framework. We will then look at how application lifecycle management is solving some of the most complex challenges facing engineering and IT organizations today, from decreasing time to market to improving software quality and costs to supporting an Agile transformation or managing product line development.


November 11, 2010
Managing Exchange of Software and System Requirements: Collaborating Across Boundaries with the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF)

Hosted by Christian Middel, Managing Director of Agosense GmbH & Christoph Bräuchle, Customer Requirements Manager, MKS Inc
Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM EDT REGISTER NOW!

In this webinar Christoph and Christian Middel will explain and demonstrate:  the Requirements Interchange Format; how automated requirements exchange based on RIF 1.1a works today; what it takes to successfully implement RIF 1.1a; how this affects process and product quality; and, improvements in the upcoming version ReqIF 1.0.


November 23, 2010
Metrics that Matter to the Engineering Organization:
A View into Cost, Quality and Cycle Time Measurement

Hosted by Javier Cubero, Customer Solutions Engineer, MKS Inc

Attend this Webinar to learn about the types of metrics the engineering organization should collect and why. Then see how a unified engineering platform that connects the entire development lifecycle can deliver reliable and timely metrics and data to make fact-based decisions fast.


On-Demand Webinars

ISO 26262 and its Impact on Engineering: Eliminating Risks Based on Mal-Functional Behavior of Embedded Systems
By Juergen Belz, CEO, PROMETO & Christoph Braeuchle, Customer Requirements Manager, MKS Inc

Register for this On-demand Webinar where you'll learn how to successfully master the functional safety development processes for road vehicles and how to streamline these processes. The presentation will outline a hierarchical process for requirements engineering in relation to ISO 26262 and offer a proven solution for managing requirements, along with all artifacts in the development lifecycle, in a way that is connected, fully traceable, and automates the compliance effort. 

Click here for the webinar recording.

Extending the Value of Modeling to the Application Lifecycle - Announcing the MKS Integrity integration with Simulink
and the MATLAB environment
By Steve Partridge, Customer Requirements Manager, MKS Inc.

Learn how MKS Integrity now enables Simulink and the MATLAB environment to become an integral part of the overall application lifecycle. This integrated solution extends proven ALM capabilities to address the specific needs of a model-based development process, delivering complete traceability among requirements, test cases, models, and other assets. 

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for the webinar recording.



November 15-17, 2010 PST
iSeries DevCon 2010 - IBM i Event

Rio All-Suites hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

The 12th Annual iSeries DevCon is the premier technical event dedicated to iSeries/System i developers and systems managers and it covers all the topics that are critical to being successful including V6R1, RPG, ILE, Java, PHP, WebSphere, XML, HATS and much more.

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for more details.

December 7-9, 2010 CET
Embedded Software Engineering-Kongress
Congress Center Stadthalle, Sindelfingen, Germany

The Embedded Software Engineering Conference is for embedded developers to learn more about techniques and trends in embedded software development and testing. This conference is a joint event of MicroConsult and ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS. It is the only German-language convention that focuses exclusively on the manifold issues and challenges with respect to the development of device and system software for industrial applications, automobile electronics, telecom devices and systems as well as consumer and medical devices.

There will also be numerous specialized lectures and compact seminars from development, research, apprenticeship (teaching) and management offering an array of materials for new ideas, solution ways and lively discussions.

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for more details.



Whitepapers and Demos

Harmonizing Modeling and Simulation with the Development Lifecycle - Improved Management of Models Accelerates the Development Cycle

Product engineering organizations face the incredible challenge of ever shrinking market windows for innovation. These opportunities if missed, can lead to huge costs and overwhelming complexity, that can compromise quality and lead to very expensive recalls.

This paper examines the challenges associated with connecting models and simulations to the greater development lifecycle and how the solution offered by combining MKS Integrity with modeling environments and integrating model driven development with engineering processes allows organizations to increase the quality of their products while reducing the amount of time and effort needed to deliver those products.

Download a copy now.

Accelerating Innovation in Automotive Engineering - Part One:
The Challenge of Software Quality

The automotive industry faces more pressure to innovate than ever. Software has effectively become the driving force of innovation in many areas of technology and, in particular, in the form of embedded systems in vehicles.

This whitepaper is the first in a series of three that will address these challenges. The paper will examine the challenge of achieving high quality while controlling costs. Topics covered will include: review of the limitations inherent in traditional methods, current best practices, and successful solution strategies that have been proven at leading global organizations in the automotive industry.

Download a copy now.


MATLAB Integration Demo

MKS Integrity enables Simulink and the MATLAB environment to become an integral part of the overall application lifecycle; the value of work done by design engineers is extended to and accessible by all contributors to the product. This integrated solution extends proven ALM capabilities to address the specific needs of a model-based development process.

This video demonstration provides an overview of the
MKS Integrity integration with Simulink and the MATLAB environment.
Click here
to view the demo.


Industry Focus:

Automotive: A review of what drives the need for safer systems development processes with ISO 26262

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