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The Source August 2010

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Harmonize your Mission Critical Apps by managing software changes with MKS Integrity



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Feature Articles

The Cost of Compliance
Reducing Time & Cost While Improving Overall Product Quality
By Matt Klassen, Strategic Solutions Manager, MKS Inc.
"It seems that every industry today is plagued with a growing mound of compliance related red tape. According to Jorge Lopez of Gartner Research, "Over the last few years... budgets that were dedicated to dealing with regulations were rising at a rate that was twice as fast as the IT budgets." This coupled with economic pressures to do more with less people is quite overwhelming to many organizations. For this article we will focus on the automotive industry and the medical device industry, but similar challenges exist in many other industries..."

"...Many automotive and medical device companies rely on the MKS Integrity platform for helping them ensure compliance. The Integrity platform was architected to manage the diverse set of related engineering assets that span the lifecycle. Integrity has received numerous accolades as having "best in class" functionality in various disciplines including requirements management, software change and configuration management..." To see more on Matt's article, please visit the MKS Blog.

MKS Releases Implementer 2010
By Marty Acks, Customer Requirements Manager, MKS Inc.
Implementer 2010, an integral part of MKS Integrity for IBM i started shipping on July 30. The requirements for this release, featuring over 100 separate improvements, were driven by listening to our customers and working closely with IBM on the latest release of the IBM i operating system. As you move to the recently announced IBM i 7.1 operating system release, MKS will be there to support your adoption of newly added features such as data encryption (SQL field procedures), modernization (RPG Open Access), solid state devices (SSDs), and the new SQL XML data type.

To keep up to date with your development needs, the latest releases of LANSA 12 and IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems 7.6 (and 7.5), including the recently introduced report designer are now certified. Host-based developers will also notice improvements when checking out, compiling, promoting, rejecting locks, and working with projects. Expanded support for SQL will help those modernizing their applications and development practices. And for our Japanese customers, the RD for Power integration (including Rdi and WDSC) has been translated into Japanese and now supports DBCS development. CCSID 1399 is also supported.

Should you like assistance in implementing the new release, MKS offers professional services for net change training on the new release, installation assistance, and health checks that review your implementation to insure you are taking full advantage of what MKS offers. For more information or to download the product, please visit our MKS Customer Community today!


In The News

Closed-Loop Change Management for National Security
Department of Energy Unites IT Support & Operations with Application Development
A key group within the US Department of Energy (DoE) has standardized on MKS Integrity™ as their ALM solution of choice. A joint solution delivered by MKS and BMC enables the DoE to achieve secure and auditable closed-loop incident detection, change management and resolution, ensuring that software changes are managed in harmony with mission objectives for critical software systems.

To read more on this press release, click here.


Upcoming Webinars

September 1, 2010: What's New in Implementer 2010
- A Technical Overview

Hosted by Marty Acks, Customer Requirements Manager, MKS
Time: 3:00PM BST (10:00AM EDT) REGISTER NOW!
Attend this webinar and learn how the latest release can assist in your move to the recently announced IBM i 7.1 operating system, with new features such as data encryption (SQL field procedures), modernization (RPG Open Access), solid state devices (SSDs), and the new SQL XML data type. Plus much more, register today for this webinar!

September 2, 2010: Solving the Disconnect: The Value of Connecting Model-Based Development to the Development Lifecycle
Introducing the MKS Integrity integration with Simulink® and the MATLAB® environment
Time: 3:00PM BST (10:00AM EDT) REGISTER NOW!
Attend this Webinar with Steve Partridge of MKS, and Goran Begic from The MathWorks, when they'll discuss how, through a seamless integration, MKS's application lifecycle management platform, MKS Integrity, enables The MathWorks' Modeling tool Simulink and the MATLAB environment to become a tightly-coupled part of the application lifecycle.

September 28, 2010: MATLAB Virtual Conference 2010
Presented by The MathWorks
Time: 11:00AM - 5:00PM EDT
Whether you are new to MathWorks products or an experienced user, the MATLAB Virtual Conference will show you how to get the most out of MATLAB and Simulink. Visit the MKS virtual booth for information and a chance to speak with our product experts about how MKS Integrity integrates with Simulink and the MATLAB environment to make simulation & modeling a seamless part of the overall application lifecycle, leading to better quality, shorter cycles and end-to-end traceability.

For further details click here and you can register for this event.

October 6, 2010: Navigating International Standards & Regulations for Medical Devices - A Presentation on ISO standards, the FDA & the European Medical Device Directive
Hosted by Ryan Lloyd, Customer Requirements Manager, Medical Technology Solutions, MKS
Attend this Webinar and learn how medical device organizations can more effectively conform to global standards while actually accelerating development cycles. The session will include a brief overview of the primary global standards and their impact on product development, with a focus on how the complex challenges of software engineering organizations can be overcome through process automation, traceability and reuse throughout the development lifecycle.

October 19, 2010: Making Agile Work in Highly Regulated Environments
Hosted by Colin Doyle, Customer Requirements Manager, MKS
In this Webinar, Colin Doyle will identify the constraints that agile and lean-agile software development approaches must address: traceability to clearly defined requirements, formal risk analysis and mitigation, and separation of roles between development and validation. Colin will also describes ways to leverage agile practices within regulatory constraints, offering specific examples from the commercial avionics standard DO-178B and FDA CDRH software validation guidelines.

November 3, 2010: ISO 26262 - Implications & Solutions for Software Engineering Organizations in the Auto Industry
Presented by Christoph Braeuchle & Steve Partridge of MKS
Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM EDT
Safety is one of the most critical considerations for OEMs and automotive suppliers today, and to this end, the emerging ISO 26262 standard (derived from the existing standard IEC 61508) aims at ensuring the functional safety of electric and electronic systems in vehicles, defining a process framework, methods and necessary activities for conformance.

In this webinar you will learn how ISO 26262 will affect OEMs and suppliers, with specific focus on software engineering. Register early as this Webinar is a must-attend event for business and technical experts in the automotive industry including suppliers of electronics with activities related to automotive design.


On-Demand Webinars

Solving the Quality and Compliance Challenge for Medical Devices with MKS Integrity
By Steve Mostello, Customer Solutions Engineer, MKS Inc.
Attend this Webinar and learn how MKS Integrity addresses these challenges with a configurable application lifecycle management solution that is based on best practices gleaned from real implementations. You'll see how MKS Integrity delivers full traceability across multiple product lines and variants, drives high levels of quality and leverages reuse and automation to reduce time-to-market. Click here for the webinar recording.

From Requirements to Finished App: Achieving Traceability for Change Across the Software Lifecycle
Hosted by MKS
View this Webinar for a look at MKS Integrity and see how it delivers complete traceability between requirements, test cases, defects and related development activities. Learn how MKS Integrity can deliver traceability from a role perspective, enabling you to see the history of change from the view of a QA Manager, Business Analyst or any other stakeholder. Click here for this webinar recording.

How to Tackle Embedded Software's Quality and Compliance Challenges
Featuring a presentation by Forrester Research
During this event, Forrester's senior analyst Roy Wildeman discusses how leading manufacturers are tackling the quality and compliance challenges of developing flawless embedded software. You will also learn about, key process connections that help close the quality gap in embedded software development and much more... Click here for this webinar recording.

Driving Compliance, Planning and Re-use with Test Management at Continental Automotive
Featuring Dietmar Peters of Continental Automotive
Join Tool Architect Dietmar Peters of Continental Automotive as he details the challenges and benefits of improving product quality through test management in the context of a consolidated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) infrastructure. Following Mr. Peters' discussion, MKS Product Manager Ryan Lloyd presents the test management capabilities in the MKS Integrity unified ALM solution. You'll want to sign up for this informative session, click here for the webinar recording.



September 21-22, 2010: CONQUEST 2010
ACST International Congress Center Maritim Hotel,
Dresden, Germany

The International Software Quality Institute announces the 13th International Conference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology. It is supported by Fraunhofer FOKUS, the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB), the Austrian Testing Board (ATB) and the ASQF.

CONQUEST has been held every year since 1997 and ranks among the most important expert events in the field of software quality. The conference, highly praised and just as highly attended, is an event at which companies exchange knowledge and compare experiences in software development with colleagues from abroad.

To learn more click here.

September 29, 2010: Design&Elektronik Entwicklerforum
CET Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule, Nurnberg, Germany

More and more embedded systems are a part of medical devices. And more and more developers need to face the resulting challenges. The Design&Elektronik Entwicklerforum Embedded goes medical is a German event focusing on the important questions of this complex theme and presents solutions and ideas for developers in that area.


Embedded goes medical - To learn more click here.


White Papers

Software Development for Medical Devices: Overcoming the Challenges of Compliance, Quality and Cost
Software is fast becoming the differentiator for manufacturers of medical devices. The rewards available from software innovation are balanced by the risks and challenges of FDA regulation, stringent quality requirements, market pressures, and significant complexity.

This paper reviews some of the key challenges facing the medical device industry, and examines the role that an application lifecycle management (ALM) platform can play in meeting these challenges. Primary challenges to be addressed include FDA compliance, device and software quality, and cycle time and cost. Download your copy now.

Export Controlled Software - Leveraging the capability of MKS Integrity to achieve effective export control compliance in a global working environment
Governments worldwide control the export of goods and these controls exist for a good reason, and are not intended to be a barrier to business or an overbearing compliance burden. However as global development accelerates to support ever increasing demands for software complexity, those who operate in regulated environments are finding that Export Control regulations have not evolved at the same pace.

Executives are increasingly being asked- "How are you controlling data movement every day? Can you be sure that the system underpinning your global development is enforcing access rights, permissions and visibility to export controlled software?" To find these answers and more download your copy now.


About MKS

MKS Inc., the global application lifecycle management (ALM) technology leader, enables software engineering and IT organizations to seamlessly manage their worldwide software development activities. With its flagship product, MKS Integrity, MKS offers support for all software development activities through a single enterprise application, resulting in better global collaboration and higher productivity. MKS supports customers worldwide with offices across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about MKS, visit our Web site or our Japanese site.

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