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The Source April 2010

APRIL 2010
MKS The Source
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Strive for Better Software with Requirements Management

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Feature Article

Pragmatic Requirements Engineering
By Steve Partridge, MKS Product Manager
Hosted on Stickyminds.com
The only enterprise requirements management solution offered within a coherent ALM platform, MKS Integrity helps you to drive shorter cycle times, superior quality and complete traceability. Reuse and requirements change management capabilities are coupled with meaningful (and traceable) relationships to downstream code and testing assets, to ensure communication of change, conformance to requirements and compliance with applicable governance or regulations.

Pragmatic requirements engineering is about balancing the appropriate amount of requirements definition with the appropriate amount of requirements management. This reduces the tendency to over-engineer either your requirements solution or the requirements themselves; the result should be fewer overhead activities and more activities that drive towards producing results. The trick is choosing a solution that can adapt to the specific needs of individual projects or product lines, rather than a solution that is overkill for one and yet lacks capabilities for another. Pragmatic requirements engineering demands a requirements management solution that can meet multiple specific needs across your organization.

To see the full interview, click here.


In The News

Requirements and Bridging the Silos
Sixty to eighty percent of software projects fail or are delivered long after original deadlines and over budget. This failure rate is in large part due to the fact that large organizations, and the industry as a whole, promote and actually foster a work environment that segregates the different groups responsible for software project delivery. These segregations, or silos, limit the visibility and effective communication and cooperation between the participants in the development effort.

In this three part series Mr. Andrew Hayward addresses why these project organizational silos exist and the problems they present, how to remedy some of the challenges through effective communication, improved visibility and complete traceability, and a set of recommended practices to improve collaboration and communication leading to increased project success.

In the first part of this series Mr. Hayward demonstrates why requirements for a project must be communicated and understood across all project organizational silos. To read more on this story, click here.


Upcoming Webinars

April 28: Reusing Requirements, Tests Cases and Components Across Product Lines
A Successful Approach for Improving Auditability, Quality and Time to Market

Register here for 4:00 PM BST/10:00 AM EDT.
Register here for 2:00 PM EDT/11:00 AM PDT.

For organizations developing embedded software, the growing complexity of managing software across product lines is putting them at risk of late delivery, high defect rates, and non-compliance. All of this carries significant cost and lost revenue implications.

MKS Integrity provides a comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform designed to manage embedded software development across product lines and variants. Attend this Webinar and see how MKS Integrity helps companies accelerate development and drastically reduce system defects by enabling reuse and management of requirements and their related test cases and components across releases, products and product lines.

April 29: Systematic Testing - Standard Engineering Practices Applied to Software Testing
In Association with SD Times

Register here for 2:00 PM EDT.

Enhance your testing team's efficiency, while increasing reliability and overall performance! Testing teams tend to churn away for hours on end, rewriting test cases or copying previously used tests, while expecting them to be useful for the revised software product or system. In the past several decades, software engineering practices have evolved, resulting in model driven development and a high degree of reuse and parameterization of software components. Learn how to stop the rework and develop a much greater level of efficiency. Attend this LIVE Webinar and LEARN:

  • How to get greater re-use of your test artifacts
  • Ways to create innovation
  • Standard engineering practices that can be easily applied to software testing
  • How to build persistent value within your organization



On-Demand Webinars

From Requirements to Finished App: Achieving Traceability for Change Across the Software Lifecycle
For organizations looking to gain greater control over their development processes perhaps to pass audits or comply with external regulations or simply to make informed decisions on the impact of change, "traceability" over change is a clear objective.

View this Webinar for a look at MKS Integrity and see how it delivers complete traceability between requirements, test cases, defects and related development activities. Providing the ability to link artifacts within the MKS Integrity repository to others either up or downstream, across projects or through time, MKS Integrity provides tremendous value to automating communications, discovering and addressing the impact of change and calculating metrics to aid in decision making. The end result is greater auditability and efficiency across your software development lifecycle. Click here to view the Webinar.

Meeting Your Customer's Deadlines Using MKS Integrity to Manage Your Requirements
Scope creep, changing requirements, unexpected resourcing issues, are all things that can and do go wrong with projects and lead to costly delays and missed deadlines, ultimately resulting in poor customer satisfaction and lost revenue. This Webinar will focus on the area of requirements and how to hit your customer and time to market deadlines through better management and collaboration throughout the requirements lifecycle. Click here to view the Webinar.



May 24 - 26th: 13th Software Design for Medical Devices
The Westgate Hotel, San Diego, CA

The theme for this event is Managing Regulatory Requirements and Building Quality into Design. Learn best practices on how to:

  • Manage compliance with the amended Medical Device Directive
  • Organize your structure and process to address new regulatory requirements
  • Achieve shorter development cycles without sacrificing compliance and quality

Visit the MKS booth and learn how the MKS solution for medical devices is helping organizations like Karl Storz, Intuitive Surgical and CVRx meet their quality goals while streamlining compliance reporting efforts from person weeks to just mouse clicks. For more information, visit the conference web site.

June 6 - 11th: Agile Development Practices (ADP) West
Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV

For the first time ever, Agile Development Practices moves West to Las Vegas, in June! This conference is for anyone investigating or implementing agile development practices, processes, technologies, and leadership principles. Visit the MKS booth and be sure to attend the session "Making Agile Work in Highly Regulated Environments" with MKS Customer Requirements Manager, Colin Doyle, on Thursday June 9 at 12:45 pm.

Register here by May 7, 2010 using promo code MKBV and save up to $400! If you miss the early bird discount, you can still save up to $200 by using our code.


White Papers

Keeping Pace with Changing Business Needs - Requirements Change Management with MKS Integrity
This paper speaks specifically to the challenges that software engineering teams face in managing and responding to rapidly changing business requirements and why tools for requirements change management are essential in controlling an otherwise chaotic development process. Learn how a solution that offers workflow enabled support for requirements change management can help your organization better assess, react and respond to rapid and constant change. Download your copy now.

An Innovative Approach to Managing Software Requirements
Requirements may be the most critical aspect of the software development cycle. Studies point to a more than 60% failure rate for software projects in the U.S., with poor requirements as one of the top five reasons. Managing requirements must be an integral part of an organization's overall development process, and is vital to mitigating risk on large development projects.

This paper reviews the state of the requirements management tools landscape and details how requirements are authored, captured and traced through the downstream lifecycle, how companies can utilize best practices such as parallel development and reuse in relation to requirements and how configuration management concepts such as versioning and base lining can be leveraged for advanced requirements management practice. Download your copy now.


About MKS

MKS Inc., the global application lifecycle management (ALM) technology leader, enables software engineering and IT organizations to seamlessly manage their worldwide software development activities. With its flagship product, MKS Integrity, MKS offers support for all software development activities through a single enterprise application, resulting in better global collaboration and higher productivity. MKS supports customers worldwide with offices across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about MKS, visit our Web site at www.mks.com or in Japanese www.mks-integrity.jp/.

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