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Case Study - BNSF Railway
BNSF Railway Puts ALM on the Fast Track
Case Study - Baker Hill (an Experian company)
Baker Hill Combines 11 Databases Into One With MKS Integrity
Case Study - Continental Supply Chain Collaboration
Continental’s Use of the Integrity, a PTC product, Requirements Interchange Format Adapter
Case Study - EADS
EADS Delivers Complex and Critical Software with Integrity, a PTC product.
Case Study - Fiserv
Fiserv addresses SAS70 and IBM i needs with MKS solutions
Case Study - Fortune 500 Manufacturer
Case Study - Hella
Worldwide Software Development at Hella Corporation
Case Study - HSE
Case Study - Nova Scotia Power
Nova Scotia Power Makes the Software Change Process Transparent
Case Study - PDI
PDI Delivers Better Software Faster with MKS’s Unified ALM Platform
Case Study - Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
Pennsylvania Housing Sees Measurable Results With MKS
Case Study - Puget Sound Blood Center
Puget Sound Achieves Positive ROI With MKS Integrity
Case Study - RWE
RWE Reduces Implementation Time by 80% Using MKS Integrity
Case Study - Swisslog
Swisslog Improves Quality of Process Maturity With MKS
Case Study - Tele Atlas
Tele Atlas Increases Productivity & Effectiveness With MKS Integrity
Case Study - TEVA Pharmaceuticals
TEVA Strengthens Security for Software Assets with MKS Integrity
Case Study - Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless Produces Quality Software In Less Time With MKS
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Case Study - CVRx
CVRx is developing a second generation system to provide Baroreflex Activation Therapy. This system, called XR-1, will be evaluated to determine its efficacy and safety. After using IBM® RATIONAL® DOORS® as the requirements management engineering platform for about a year, it was replaced with Integrity, a PTC product. CVRx selected PTC for its flexibility, integration of multiple disciplines in a single solution and capacity to provide comprehensive traceability between artifacts. By using Integrity, a PTC product, CVRx has compressed development cycles, improved productivity, mitigated risk, and streamlined regulatory and internal reporting.
Case Study - MVP Healthcare
CVRx® nutzt PTC Integrity für das Risikomanagement und zur Verkürzung der Time-to-Market
Verwendung des PTC Integrity RIF-Adapters bei Continental
CVRx® gère les risques et accélère la mise sur le marché avec PTC Integrity
CVRx® 社、PTC Integrity でリス クを管理して市場投入期間を短縮
Continental 社の PTC Integrity RIF アダプタの使用
Case Study - BWI Group
Spotlight Article: DENSO Corporation
Spotlight Article: DENSO Corporation
PTC ジャパン株式会社(以下、PTC )は、PTC の最新ソリューションやテクノロジ 、製品戦略、先進的な企業によるユーザー事例などを紹介するプライベート イベントを開催。同イベントの基調講演において、株式会社デンソー 電子プラットフォーム開発部 電子システム企画室 担当次長 福田 淳一氏が、「車載ソフトウェア開発に必要な開発環境とは ~ PTC Integrity 導入によるソフト開発の効率化を目指して~」と題した講演を行った。
Spotlight Article: DENSO Corporation
Case Study - Insitu Inc.
Spotlight Article - Insitu Inc.
Spotlight Article - Hitachi Automotive Systems
Spotlight Article: SPK and Associates
Fallstudie - Insitu Inc.
Spotlight-Artikel - Insitu Inc.
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