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PTC Integrity Integration Platform

Connecting the Application Development Supply Chain

The PTC Integrity Integration Platform (MIIP) addresses the needs of the application supply chain by automating communication between suppliers and manufacturers or manufacturers and carriers. OEM companies and their suppliers have established strict quality guidelines that require automation of business process interaction in order to meet time to market and quality goals driven by the industry. To support this, the PTC Integrity Integration Platform allows bi-directional integration between PTC Integrity systems and OEM process management systems through standardized B2B portals.

The PTC Integrity Integration Platform is built on an architecture that addresses communication and information management requirements independent of the external portal and systems integrated with that platform. On top of the platform PTC provides a variety of connectors that allow integration of specific systems; these can be configured according to specific project needs through simple filters and mappings.

The PTC Integrity Integration Platform adds value to the application supply chain through:

  • Automating communication with business
    processes, thereby reducing manual effort and
    guaranteeing real-time availability of information
    on all sides
  • Reducing the risk of information loss due to
    manual communication issues
  • Satisfying mandatory requirements agreed between
    businesses driven by strict quality goals


PTC Integrity Integration Platform Features:

  • Server to server communication based on
    • JBoss Application Server
    • Riftsaw WS-BPEL 2.0 engine
    • Quartz enterprise job scheduling engine
    • Workflow engine for process orchestration
    • XPath based translation engine
    • Hierarchical properties service
    • Error handling and logging service

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