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Automated Test Execution Framework

A Holistic View of Manual and Automated Test Results

The PTC Integrity Automated Test Execution Framework (ATEF) integrates PTC Integrity with external automated test execution tools. The execution of automated tests and subsequent results can be recorded alongside the manual test results in PTC Integrity for review by testing personnel.




As test execution tools vary significantly industry to industry and application to application, the light weight execution adapter paradigm coupled with a robust framework such as the ATEF enables organizations to quickly adapt and integrate their tool chain with the management, metrics and reporting capabilities of PTC Integrity.

The PTC Integrity Automated Test Execution Framework:

  • Provides an adapter based implementation – including execution adapters and their source code for HP Quick Test Pro (QTP) and iTKO Lisa
  • Leverages PTC Integrity Agent technology for provisioning test environments and remotely execute tests
  • Utilizes a callback API for submitting automated test results to a session
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