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Integration Technologies

PTC Integrity provides a range of integration technologies for connecting tools, processes, and businesses across the technology value chain.

With every customer, our goal is the creation of a solution that addresses the critical business challenges faced by that customer and connecting to incumbent and legacy technologies is a key factor in achieving that goal. 

  • PTC Integrity Integration Platform (MIIP): A standard and generally available server side integration technology for system to system based integrations that include process based transformations and data manipulation.
  • PTC Integrity Gateway: A robust, full featured client side integration technology which builds on the core APIs and enables the creation of third party tool integrations.
  • Automated Test Execution Framework (ATEF): Working in conjunction with the PTC Integrity Agent, this framework provides a set of callback APIs and example connectors for interaction with test execution products and the automated capture of results within the PTC Integrity repository.
  • Working File (WF) API: Designed for use with IDEs and the basis for the configuration management support within the Eclipse and Visual Studio environments, the Working File API provides an abstract layer for dealing with Working Revisions and Sandboxes.
  • Base product APIs: A rich and comprehensive set of interfaces for Java and C programming as well as SOAP-based and RESTful* webservices.


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