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Office Productivity

PTC has created deep integrations into various Microsoft offerings to enhance the productivity of developers and knowledge workers. These integrations streamline the creation and management of documents, designs, plans and code across the application lifecycle. PTC Integrity integration points span project planning in Microsoft Project, requirements gathering and document authoring within Microsoft Word, test case authoring within Microsoft Excel and task scheduling, assignment and software creation with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Knowledge workers are at the forefront of software projects and spend much of their day within productivity tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, Project and Outlook. PTC Integrity allows these knowledge workers to actively contribute to (and participate in) the development lifecycle without having to abandon the familiar Office environment.

Capabilities offered by our solutions include:

  • Import, export and edit documents directly to, from and within Microsoft Word for better collaboration and management of content throughout the lifecycle
  • Export and synchronize content and tasks between PTC Integrity and Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project for real time information exchange and decision support
  • Up, down and cross-stream e-mail notifications of change are automated thereby enhancing inter- and intra-team communication and awareness
  • Maintain consistency of all documents across the development lifecycle through process enforcement
  • Improve team collaboration through direct management and authoring of document content
  • Track changes as well as authorizations to documentation and presentations
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