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Connecting Modeling Tools to the Enterprise

Integrating with modeling tools is more than just a traceability issue. Practioners today need to ensure that the models, generated code and any test or simulation results are appropriately connected to all facets of the application lifecycle including requirements, test cases, test results, design specifications, defects and released binaries. The challenge is that traditionally, these tools have been deployed to individual desktops and small work groups, and have been disconnected from the enterprise application lifecycle.

Through the use of PTC Integrity integrations to modeling tools, users will be able to:

  • Provide complete traceability between models, model elements and requirements, design specifications, test cases, defects and other lifecycle artifacts
  • Ensure change control is equally applied to models, model elements and other lifecycle artifacts
  • Facilitate change communication through suspect linking and email notifications
  • Enable both up- and down-stream impact analysis
  • Include models and model elements in the versioning and configuration management of other lifecycle artifacts
  • Capture simulation results and report alongside other traditional quality and test metrics

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