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Lifecycle Extensions

PTC Integrity is a comprehensive and powerful engineering change management platform with native capabilities that span project and portfolio management, change and configuration management (across all assets and activities), requirements management, design and specifications, test management, defect management and release management. 

It is critical, however, that the software lifecycle be connected with other lifecycle processes and our customers rely on other lifecycle technologies to be integrated into and informed by the activities and assets managed by PTC Integrity.

The extensible and flexible architecture of PTC Integrity is well suited for connecting to adjacent enterprise systems and PTC has repeatedly delivered superior value to our customers through solutions that connect PTC Integrity to Windchill and other Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies. 

The platform approach of PTC Integrity greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of integrating with these other technologies - because there is a single source of truth and a single platform to integrate, the risk, cost and time required to establish these integrations in unique customer environments is greatly reduced.

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