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A core strength of PTC Integrity is its ability to support cross-platform development with deep integrations in multiple integrated development environments, or IDEs. These integrations provide for very powerful development, allowing developers to access application lifecycle management (ALM) capabilities such as version control, change management and requirements management without ever having to leave the development environment. 

Whether a developer is working within Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Studio, they can:

  • Increase quality and reliability of business critical applications - through transparent access to enterprise SCM & process management
  • Control development complexity and improve productivity – developers can follow process and maintain audit trails from the IDE environment
  • Up, down and cross-stream notifications of change are automated thereby enhancing inter- and intra-team communication and awareness
  • Maintain constant communication between teams – information on developer activity is refreshed instantly for immediate visibility reducing rework and coding conflicts.

MKS Integrity within an Eclipse Environment
PTC Integrity within an Eclipse Environment
(click image to enlarge

Screenshot - Visual Studio
PTC Integrity within a Visual Studio Environment
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PTC Integrity also provides support for the industry standard Source Code Control (SCC) interface; this enables us to provide versioning and configuration management to the many applications which expose it for managing their artifacts.

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