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A Unified Software Development Platform, Architecture and Data Model

Software architecture is a system of structures put in place to establish relationships between software elements and relations among them. PTC Integrity's solution at the core has a three level architecture which provides better system stability and creates a uniform platform

The PTC Integrity software development platform is a J2EE client server application which sits on top of an enterprise class Oracle, SQL or DB2 database repository. It provides access through a native client, web, command line or rich Java, C or Web Services API to capabilities which enable the definition, orchestration and management of assets and processes spanning the entire development life-cycle. This modern three-tier architecture provides a unified data model and federated repository where all processes, activities, assets and source code reside.

The PTC Integrity architecture broadens to a process layer, which is both flexible and extensible, providing process and data connection across every stage of the software system development lifecycle. This consolidation of information feeds a highly configurable portfolio view delivering rich reporting with real-time metrics and analytics.

Our platform approach enables organizations to scale in terms of data model, physical implementation and integration reach and we have live deployments with tens of thousands of users in globally distributed organizations.

PTC Integrity Unified Platform Advantages:


  • Multi-platform — UNIX and Windows platforms
  • Secure — Supports all enterprise security realms
  • Flexible Data Structure — Configurable data items can be defined as requirements, test plans, test cases, features, developer tasks, deployment requests and more
  • Open — Easily adapted to existing technology infrastructure, integrated into tool chain environments, and capable of supporting multiple repositories
  • Unified Data Model — Joins development, product and operational data within a single system to represent a joint data model
  • Flexible Process Definition and Enforcement — Automates any lifecycle process within engineering organizations
  • Enterprise Scalability — Tested for thousands of users and millions of data types
  • Real-Time Global Collaboration — PTC Integrity's Federated Server Architecture enables real-time team collaboration across time zones and geographic boundaries enabling follow the sun development strategies
  • Real-Time Analytics & Metrics — Metrics and trends mined directly from the lifecycle are captured and displayed via dashboards and reports providing managers with real-time visibility into project and application status including costs and schedule variances


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