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ITIL - Linking Development to the Data Center

Integrity links application development to your data center. Our industry certified solution for ITIL provides support for change, configuration and release processes and directly links them to processes found in the development phase of the application lifecycle. Integrity is the only product to provide a single platform that spans the process needs of IT operations and application development, giving you a way to improve process control, traceability and visibility from system inception to delivery, and across custom and packaged software environments.

You are seeking a way to extend ITIL processes, provide vital links to development, and improve IT governance. You are seeking a solution that serves your business entirely, providing unified process control across IT operations and application development. And, you want to eliminate barriers to communication and collaboration that inhibit speed of delivery.

ITSM Diagram
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Integrity provides an integrated platform that harmonizes the disciplines of ALM and IT Service Management providing you with:

  • Incident lifecycle ownership — Provides visibility and traceability around incident status/state.
  • Request for change — Connects requests for change (RFCs) to software defects and bill of materials as well as to impacted configuration items.
  • Communication of planned change to customers — Provides customers with visibility into status and progress against RFCs within the development lifecycle.
  • Impact assessment on proposed change — Associates all affected artifacts including business requirements, source code, configuration files, test cases design and business process data to RFCs to understand the full impact of change upon your systems and environment.
  • Leverage configuration data for release and deployment management — When software change is released back to production, automatically close the ticket, attach deployed information and relay status back to development.

Integrity is an open platform, completely adaptable into existing technology environments. Key integrations into various Service Desk, Asset Tracking and Discovery applications are available as part of the solution.

Integrity can be implemented for application service management in conjunction with your existing IT operational technologies including, but not limited to:


Agile and ITIL

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are key Agile concepts that enable organizations to improve the quality of the applications delivered to operations from the development group. These concepts can make life even harder, however, for the operations group that typically struggles with the deployment of complex multi-platform modern applications. 

It is imperative that the relationship between these groups becomes more collaborative (a key Agile tenet) for these highly iterative processes to flourish. It is also critical that these processes are automated such that the hand-off from Agile ALM processes to Release Management and ITSM processes is coordinated, secure, and essentially bullet-proof. 

Integrity provides the platform necessary to easily automate Agile and traditional release processes ensuring consistent and rapid deployments of your applications. The Integrity Agile solution is ideally suited to addressing the process and control needs of an organization trying to reconcile ITIL and Agile practices. 

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