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Process & Standards

Flexible Process to Meet the Needs of Your Business

Integrity automates processes for requirements management, change request initiation, control and approval, promotion to production, test management and separation of duties, while providing detailed audit trails and reporting over all system transactions and activities.

The result is that you are able to rapidly and reliably achieve compliance and meet control objectives found within the governance frameworks that impact your organization - all at an extraordinarily low total cost of ownership.

Process – Methodology
Agile Agile development promises faster releases, better customer alignment, higher quality, and lower development costs – however, it can be tough to scale Agile for an enterprise. MKS Integrity provides the flexibility, transparency and collaboration needed for Agile while ensuring management oversight across both Agile and traditional teams across the enterprise.
CMMI MKS Integrity accelerates widespread adoption of CMMI in organizations by automating and streamlining CMMI processes, enabling consistent and repeatable adoption, and allowing for continuous monitoring of progress through each level of maturity from managed through to optimizing.

The industry certified solution for ITIL for MKS Integrity provides support for change, configuration and release processes and directly links them to processes found in the development phase of the application lifecycle.
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Regulatory compliance goes far beyond Sarbanes-Oxley. MKS’s flexible Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution can support compliance to a number of regulations including the Life Sciences industry’s FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Healthcare’s HIPAA, Canada’s Bill 198, the financial industry’s Basel II and Asia/Pacific's JSOX.

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