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Release Management

Achieve Automation & Auditability in Software Deployment with Release Management
The average IT organization processes hundreds to thousands of change requests weekly. Managing this level of application change requires automated and controlled processes to guide change from inception to deployment. Integrity bridges the communication and traceability gap between Development and IT Operations, providing software release management that eliminates confusion and delivers the documented and automated controls necessary for regulatory compliance.

Integrity can answer critical questions for IT:

  • Were the changes sent to development put into production? Do the changes delivered to production conform to the requests of the business?
  • How can we reduce the manual effort and time to delivery involved in software development?
  • How do we ensure compliance and demonstrate to auditors that appropriate levels of control are in place? Can we ensure only authorized changes go into production?
  • How do we reduce the risk of deployment failure and ensure a high quality of service?


Integration with BMC BladeLogic Application Release Manager
As part of the PTC partnership with BMC, PTC also offers integrated solutions that leverage the capability of BMC BladeLogic Application Release Manager to rapidly and confidently deploy applications without errors to improve business responsiveness. This integration helps 'close the loop' between operations and development, ensuring that from defect or feature request all the way through to deployment, there is full traceability and control management. See our BMC page for more details.

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