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During the merger mania, telecommunication organizations grew by leaps and bounds, often with IT systems integrated together hastily beneath the surface, leaving little time for effective software application development. The competitive urgency within the telecommunications marketplace puts further pressure on the business to reduce costs, innovate faster and increase customer satisfaction levels. To align with these business goals, IT must increase productivity and rebalance IT spending to maximize innovation for better customer service and a superior product.

Integrity enables application rationalization, higher levels of accuracy through code re-use and sharing, and repeatable processes for globally dispersed software development teams.

Integrity improves the development of  software in the telecommunication industry with the following:

  • Market demands are captured via requirements management, which is the gate to further process
  • Unified change management, requirements, test and software configuration management ensures effective communication and collaboration among diverse teams
  • Concise reports and metrics displayed via a management dashboard facilitate cost control and provide a valuable empirical base for cost and effort estimation
  • Powerful process and configuration management enables you to comply with industry standards in addition to maturity models such as CMMI and ITIL
  • Automated notification and escalation allows for fast cycle times accelerating time to market
  • Support for component and code reuse reduces development costs and time and enhances productivity
  • A sophisticated security and permission model guarantees know-how protection in the complete development lifecycle
  • The PTC Federated Server architecture enables you to maintain security policies even for geographically dispersed teams and joint venture projects
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