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Software Delivery by Industry

Every enterprise faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to building, delivering and maintaining software. Solving those challenges quickly and reliably is a sustainable competitive advantage. The flexibility and scope of Integrity as an ALM platform combined with industry specific functionality translates into unique and complete solutions for those challenges. To accelerate delivery and reduce risk of these solutions, enterprises should leverage the wisdom and best practices of others in their industry that have solved similar challenges.

That's where the Integrity Industry Solutions come in.

From financial services, telecommunications, life sciences and retail to government, Integrity industry solutions offer an unparalleled combination of technology and domain knowledge. Solutions are based on the accumulated wisdom and expertise of world-class enterprises, combined with the experience of our services teams. While every implementation remains unique, the available templates, pre-built workflows and other resources in our industry solutions accelerate deployment and time-to-value for your investment.

PTC provides innovative, world-class solutions tailored to the needs of many industries. As the global leader in unified application lifecycle management technology, Integrity helps enterprises to achieve transparency, compliance and control over their software delivery.

Finance Reduce costs, mitigate risks, simplify regulatory/governance compliance, and improve customer satisfaction by taking control of the development and maintenance of mission-critical software applications.
Government Gain real-time information on the status of change across the entire application portfolio with streamlined collaboration and a platform that enhances efficiency, speeds innovation and meets today's agile development and compliance demands.
Life Sciences
Comply with regulation, validate software systems and ensure both transparency and accountability throughout the software development organization with a single, coherent platform.
Telecom Achieve application rationalization with higher levels of accuracy through code re-use and repeatable processes for globally dispersed software development teams while maintaining superior customer service and product quality levels.

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