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PTC Integrity - Accelerating Innovation in Software Intensive Products


PTC Integrity is the only Global Software Development solution that orchestrates all software development processes and manages all development artifacts, providing complete visibility into product development.  For close to a decade market leading product engineering organizations have chosen PTC Integrity to overcome their complex software engineering challenges for its reputation for driving innovation and collaboration, simplifying compliance and speeding time to market.


The Core Disciplines of the Software Lifecycle

Requirements Management

The requirements management capabilities of PTC Integrity go beyond simple capture to provide a solution that makes the discipline an interactive part of the product development lifecycle.

Test Management

PTC Integrity's test management enables engineering organizations to improve product quality while meeting today's increasingly demanding timelines through its support for requirements based testing and parameterized testing, and its test and test artifact reuse capabilities.

Software Change and Configuration Management

At the core of the PTC Integrity application lifecycle management platform are process-driven software configuration, software change management (SCCM) and software reuse capabilities that deliver traceability and transparency and drive efficiency and productivity over all activities and artifacts across the application lifecycle

System Model Management

PTC Integrity provides native support for modeling and simulation tools and integrations with industry leading modeling tools such as SimulinkĀ® and MATLABĀ®, delivering complete traceability between all assets, increasing overall quality while reducing cycle time

PTC Integrity's success hinges on 4 key differentiators:


Differentiator Customer Value

1. Truly Integral Product Lifecycle Management:

  • Incorporates all software development processes in a single, purpose-built, open and scalable product
  • Provides a single source of truth accessible across all of development
  • Delivers full lifecycle traceability across assets and activities
  • Dramatically lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and provides significantly lower time to value than stitched together "best of breed" products focused on only one area or discipline
  • Reduces overall development costs by improving team productivity and enabling real-time collaboration across disciplines
  • Reduces time-to-market by eliminating data redundancy and duplication of effort 
  • Provides direct support for safety critical product engineering

2. Optimized for Software Intensive Product Engineering:
  • Engineered to manage the high velocity of change characteristic of software engineering
  • Promotes collaboration across engineering disciplines
  • Coordinates software development across the supply chain
  • Delivers flexible solutions that comply with industry specific standards and regulations out of the box
  • Accelerates time-to-market by reducing cycle time for software intensive products
  • Integrates and streamlines compliance with software relevant standards and regulations, including DO-178B, ISO 26262, ISO 14971
  • Reduces overall development cost by eliminating redundancies and rework and reducing unproductive administrative work
  • Improves product quality by simplifying and expediting change management and impact assessment across disciplines
3. Complete Support for Variant Management and Software Product Lines (SPL):
  • Provides true reuse of all lifecycle artifacts with traceability, greatly simplifying today's complex product line and product variant scenarios
  • Supports high velocity change management across product variants

  • Empowers organizations to drive product diversification to penetrate new markets and increase market share
  • Enables organizations to leverage the potential of SPL to reduce development costs and increase productivity
  • Improves product quality and customer satisfaction by facilitating defect tracking across product variants
  • Speeds product variants' time-to-market by eliminating time wasted tracking change and defects across product variants

4. Real-Time Cross Discipline Visibility into Product Release Readiness:

  • Provides dashboards and reports with real-time metrics gathered automatically from development activities

  • Improves customer and investor satisfaction by improving release predictability
  • Drives product quality and improves time-to-market by providing the information needed to make key decisions and to correct issues before schedules, quality, or costs are impacted
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