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Unpredictable Delivery

Whether it manages wireless communications on a cell phone, the brake systems in a vehicle or flight control systems in an aircraft, software is strategic and delivering on time while meeting requirements is critical to corporate success. Your development organization is under pressure to deliver software in a predictable manner, meaning the software must perform to specification, meet quality standards and be delivered on schedule.

Predictable and repeatable delivery of software requires enforceable and efficient software development processes. The consequences of unpredictability when developing, changing and fixing software range from loss of market share and revenue, to decreased customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

The table below lists common challenges that impact predictable delivery, along with PTC Integrity's capabilities that will help you solve them.


Issue PTC Integrity Solution Capability and Benefits
Lack of Software Quality
Late development cycle defects and breakage is a primary cause for delays and missed delivery dates.
  • Automated requirements management captures and manages accurate and complete requirements
  • Comprehensive test management improves validation and reporting
  • Automated review and approval workflows ensure quality
  • End-to-end defect management software eliminates gaps and duplicated effort
Late Cycle Rework
A full 40% of the average project is rework. Most of that is due to incomplete or inaccurate requirements.
  • Improved capture of accurate and complete requirements early in the development lifecycle
  • Immediate propagation of changes upstream AND downstream 
  • Better team collaboration and communication with a single source of truth
Process Inefficiency and Waste
Process has been cited as an exponential factor in the schedule and economics of software, lean concepts can help.
  • End-to-end process automation and enforcement
  • Comprehensive dashboards identify bottlenecks 
  • Lean and Agile concepts drive out waste
Disconnected Tools and Repositories
Best in breed tooling often leads to broken processes, a lack of integration, and poor productivity. Too often, the tools themselves create needless additional work or generate delays in delivery.
  • Single platform for managing all activities and assets
  • An enterprise integration gateway ensures assets are accessible and relate-able while reducing data redundancy
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