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Challenges of Software Driven Innovation in Aerospace and Defense

Faced with the need to bring products and systems to market with greater speed and efficiency while containing cost and remaining in compliance, organizations are shifting from hardware to software as the means to implement widely-varying features. Yet, the exponential growth of software is not without its challenges, namely:

  • Low visibility into release readiness inhibits delivery predictability
  • Complexity of managing reuse and proliferating variants in software product lines
  • Rapidly increasing cost of compliance and certification, such as DO-178B/ED-12B
  • Low product quality
  • Complex global supply chains

Software Change Only Exacerbates These Challenges


Rapid software change further complicates these challenges by adding another dimension to the complexity of the problem. Software change is fundamentally different than hardware change. It is relentless in velocity, volume, and duration through the entire product lifecycle.  The rate of software change is often just ramping up as hardware change is ramping down during the engineering phase of the lifecycle. Products are often released to manufacturing while software change is still occurring at a rapid pace, slowing only somewhat throughout the service phase.



PTC Integrity for Global Software Development

PTC Integrity is the leading Global Software Development product and thousands of engineers in agencies, primes, and suppliers rely on integrity every day to drive software innovation in their programs and products.

In a single product, PTC Integrity delivers:

  • Market leading enterprise requirements management for systems, software and hardware
  • Top rated software change and configuration management
  • Comprehensive test management for all engineering disciplines
  • System model management that harmonizes simulation and modeling with lifecycle processes

One of the key differentiators PTC Integrity offers is complete lifecycle traceability across requirements, design, code, and test artifacts.

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