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Cost Control

You need to have a handle on software costs, and that can be tough to achieve – particularly in an economic climate where software development organizations are being asked to produce more with less while customers are demanding more innovation in their products.

Leading economists and industry analysts have noted that software systems "dominate the cost of everything" while at the same time "software is the single biggest driver of productivity growth." What this means to your organization is that software presents both a major cost challenge and a significant revenue opportunity, if you can manage it well. Integrity helps organizations reduce the cost of developing software while driving greater profitability, productivity, and quality.

The table below lists common challenges that impact software cost control, along with the Integrity capabilities that will help you solve them.


Integrity Solution Capability and Benefits
Lack of Software Quality
Software defects cost more to fix as you move through the lifecycle and into production. The cost of maintaining low quality software can literally be unmanageable for many organizations.
  • Automated requirements management captures and manages accurate and complete requirements
  • Comprehensive test management improves validation and reporting
  • Automated review and approval workflows ensure quality
  • End-to-end defect management software eliminates gaps and duplicated effort
Inability to Manage Growing Product Lines
When a defect is discovered, does it affect that single product or all variants and products in the line? The answer can mean millions of dollars to many organizations.
  • Advanced reuse of all lifecycle assets including features, requirements, code, test cases, test results, etc.
  • Complete traceability enables rapid impact analysis across all product variants and product lines, based on real-time data
  • Automated propagation of changes and fixes across applicable variants streamlines and simplifies change and defect management
Late Cycle Rework
Rework is a huge source of cost. Errors introduced during requirements definition early in the lifecycle produce as much as 40% of the rework on the average project.
  • Improved capture of accurate and complete requirements early in the development lifecycle
  • Immediate propagation of changes upstream AND downstream 
  • Better team collaboration and communication with a single source of truth
Process Inefficiency and Waste
Manufacturing has known for years that waste and inefficiency is a huge driver of cost. Software is a specialized manufacturing process that is subject to many of the same factors.
  • End-to-end process automation and enforcement
  • Comprehensive metrics dashboards identify bottlenecks 
  • Lean and Agile concepts drive out waste.
Disconnected Tools and Repositories
The total cost of ownership for many organizations to maintain and administer disparate solutions is huge, not to mention the cost of data redundancy and waste caused by 'siloed' data and manual synchronization.
  • Single platform for managing all activities and assets
  • Enterprise integration gateway ensures assets are accessible and relate-able while reducing data redundancy
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