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Today virtually all product engineering companies, whether they are developing software for medical devices or automotive components or the aerospace and defence industry, face a growing challenge of compliance to regulations and standards. The demands to document and report on processes, show traceability across assets and activities and prove that risks have been mitigated are  driving up cost, lengthening cycle times and increasing risk.

To consistently address compliance needs without excessive cost and effort you must clearly understand the challenges as well as provide solutions to address them. PTC and Integrity have been providing solutions and expertise in compliance to engineering regulations and standards for over 10 years.

The table below lists common challenges associated with compliance and governance, along with PTC Integrity's capabilities that will help you solve them.


Issue PTC Integrity Solution Capability and Benefits
Manual and Inconsistent Processes
Audit costs go up significantly when processes are not well documented or are manual. Automation plays a major role in the cost and effort required for compliance.
  • End-to-end process automation and enforcement
  • Comprehensive metrics dashboards identify bottlenecks 
  • Lean and Agile concepts drive out waste
Manual Document Management
When requirements, specifications, risks, test cases, etc, are managed manually in spreadsheets and word processors, change management, traceability, and impact analysis are all severely hindered.
  • Best in industry requirements management with advanced traceability support
  • Automated change tracking and history
  • Configurable notification services
Inability to Manage Growing Product Lines
Documented and automated reuse across product variants improves quality and reduces the cost of compliance.
  • Advanced reuse of all lifecycle assets including features, requirements, code, test cases, test results, etc.
  • Complete traceability enables rapid impact analysis across all product variants and product lines, based on real-time data
  • Automated propagation of changes and fixes across applicable variants streamlines and simplifies change and defect management
Disconnected Tools and Repositories
Data redundancy, siloed processes, and disconnected tools leads to lack of auditability and errors.
  • Single platform for managing all activities and assets
  • Enterprise integration gateway ensures assets are accessible and relate-able while reducing data redundancy
  • Required reports and documentation generated in mouse-clicks instead of person-weeks
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