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PTC Integrity Press Coverage

Press coverage for PTC Integrity

Software is the Driving Innovation for Consumer Electronics, “NASA Tech Briefs, January 2013”

Software in products holds the key to innovations that improve quality, safety, and ease-of-use, as well as add new functions...

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ISO 26262: Automotive Electronics Safety Management, "Desktop Engineering Check it Out, January 2012"

ISO 26262 is the developing functional safety standard that addresses the safety lifecycle of automotive electric and electronic systems in passenger vehicles. The standard embraces the entire development process.

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Complexity Surrounds Software-Intensive Product Designs, “DesignNews, February 2012”

Software-intensive products have proven more innovative and can be designed faster and at a lower cost. Of the more than 100 companies interviewed for a new recently published survey, Developing Software-Intensive Products - Addressing the Innovation Complexity Conundrum, 53 percent said they were increasing significantly the software makeup of their products, and 57 percent said software was becoming a more integral element of their product design.

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